Making the best traditional Polish Pockets of Love in Tucson !

About Us

We are a small local business dedicated to making the freshest most tasty Polish Perogies . I have used my Nana's recipe that has been in our family for years.

Polish Perogies are dumplings filled with either savory or sweet fillings. We sell 4 different types. We have Potato & cheese, Potato, cheese & Hatch roasted green chile, Mushroom & Onion, and Sauerkraut & onion. Our perogies are all organic, non-gmo, and locally sourced from local farmers & fellow vendors. Our dough is made in small batches & all of our fillings are made from scratch. Throughout the year we make special seasonal perogies depending on what is fresh at the farmers markets - using local & organic items. Some examples: pumpkin, strawberries, fig, plum & peaches.

They are all Vegetarian & sold frozen.

We sell them at the Heirloom farmers markets. The Oro Valley location on Saturdays & Rillito racetrack at our new food pavilion along the river walk on Sundays. Winter hours are 9-1 pm. We are also available 7 days a week at the Food Conspiracy Co op. They are sold in 1/2 dozens in the freezer section.

 You can contact us through our website, our Facebook page Rex's Perogies LLC or by phone (520)250-1590 or via email at When leaving an email please leave an return email address or contact number please.

Prices range from $6.00-$14.00.

We hope to hear from you or see you soon!

 Thank you for supporting locally!

 * * * Holiday Reminders  * * *

Large orders must be requested & paid for by December 7, 2014. Large orders must be a minimum of 3 dozen or more. All holiday orders will be ready for pick-up on the weekend of December 20th/21st. If needed sooner for holiday parties I can have them on the weekend of December 13th/14th.

Sometimes I can accommodate last minute large orders however there will be an added charge. 

If you know you will be needing them for holiday parties, appetizers, breakfasts, lunches or dinners & you are expecting to pick them up from the farmers markets keep in mind I sell out very quickly in the month of December. I try to make as many as I possibly can however I am the only one hand-making these each week.

Thank you all for supporting locally!

- See you soon friends...



Our vegetarian perogies are all hand-made natural fresh organic, non-gmo locally sourced ingredients. It is a family recipe that has been made for generations. We take a lot of pride in making our traditional pockets of love!

Customer Reviews

Awesome delicious handmade Perogies - Carole M. - Tucson, AZ

Great Perogies..Give them a try! - Charles - Tucson, AZ

Just wanted to say I went to Maynard's on Saturday and bought a dozen. Made them and then sauted in onions... Pretty dang close to my moms.!!! Will so be back. Thanks so much!!! - Lisa - Tucson, AZ


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